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Katherine Genet

Katherine has been walking a Pagan path for thirty years, with her first book published in her home country of New Zealand while in her twenties, on the subject of dreams. She spent several years writing and teaching about dreamwork and working as a psychic before turning to novel-writing, studying creative writing at university while raising her children and facing chronic illness.

Since then, she has published more than twenty long and short novels and fallen in love with the form. She writes under various pen names in more than one genre.

Now, with the Wilde Grove series, she is writing close to home, about what she knows best. A Spiritworker, Druid, and polytheistic Pagan,  Katherine lives a life dedicated to the sacred, and in service to her gods and ancestors. She is a member of the British Order of Druidry.

Katherine lives in the South Island of New Zealand with her wife Valerie. She is a mother and grandmother.

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  • Katherine joins Hilary Campbell on the Antlered Path Podcast, Episode 12, for a special sharing of poetry, blessings, and readings of Wildwood magic to uplift and heal. 


  • Katherine joins fellow witchy writer Sheena Cundy on Sheen’s podcast The Witch Wavelength, Episode 34. Listen in for a relaxed cat about writing and the art of magical living

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