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At age 23, I had been studying dreams for a number of years already, and was writing my first book on the subject. Deciding to try meditation early one morning, I sat down and relaxed, trying to clear my mind. Suddenly, I stood under the limbs of a pear tree, looking out over a lake, in the middle of which was an island. Without thinking, I reached up into the branches and plucked down a golden pear, which I ate walking down to the shore. I lay down on the sand, then sat up again, noticing my body still lay there beneath me as though asleep. And a small boat was floating across the water to me. I hopped straight into that boat! it drew me across the water to the island, and there I was met by a beautiful horse, white as snow. The horse led me up to the top of the island, where an old woman sat in front of a campfire. She looked at me as though she knew me, and began to teach me. I never did learn to meditate, and it’s still the same today – I simply find myself on a journey to the Otherworld instead. I’ve had a lot more adventures since that day with the old woman. I’ve also written a lot more than that first dream book, in all sorts of genres, but dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and doing magic remain my passions. My path has taken me all sorts of places, and now it brings me here, writing this to you. Let’s walk along this path together.

Do you recognise this story from the Wilde Grove books? I used a lot of my own experiences as jumping off points for the action in the stories. I wanted the books to feel authentic, and to have real things to say – so this was the best way of doing it.


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