Wilde Grove Series: selena wilde

Follow the wind

Book I

(440 pages, 120 000 words approx)

The flow of life’s purpose twists and turns.

Selena Wilde has been Lady of the Grove for many years, successfully keeping and passing on the knowledge, wisdom, and practices of the Ancient Way. She’s trained Morghan Wilde to take her place when the time comes, and is living her life’s purpose with gratitude and joy.

Until, that is, the wind brings on its wings the cries of a child, and her dreams take her places she’d never expected to go. The message is clear – she is needed, there is someone who needs her to hear them, and come to their aid.

A simple enough thing, perhaps, Selena thinks, but the call comes from far away and she must do the unthinkable – leave Wilde Grove. For the flow of her purpose must be followed wherever it leads and the wind’s message must be heeded.


This book also contains the Wilde Grove novella THE THREADING – join Morghan Wilde as she first steps into the role of Lady of the Grove.

US$6.99 (eBook)

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available