Wilde Grove Series

The Rising

Book III

(473 pages, 125 000 words approx)

The ancient path twists and turns.

In Wilde Grove, the initiation continues and those following the ancient path in and out of the Wildwood have much to learn.

And come to terms with.

Erin feels like a changed woman, but still there is more for her to do. The ancestors are never far from us, and sometimes they need healing as much as we do.

It isn’t only Erin who discovers this fact, but Winsome and Morghan must struggle with the consequences of not only their own actions, but the actions of those who lived and died in Wilde Grove before their own time.

But wild magic has many secrets – and many gifts, for those who would learn its ways. 

The Rising is the third book in the Wilde Grove series, following on from The Belonging.

US$6.99 (eBook)

Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available