Wilde Grove Series

The Singing

Book IV

(521 pages, 140 000 words approx)

The ancient path leads us deep into the Wildwood.

The foundations of practice have been laid, and Erin is stepping into the rhythm and weaving of the worlds. But it is the spirits who now must lead her teaching, and prepare her for her initiation into their ways. She’s going to be asked to undertake her most personal journey yet – for herself, and those closest to her. Will she find her way along the Ancient Path? 

Winsome, her world and calling in pieces around her – what is she to do? After thinking she had found the place where she belonged, now she must decide whether to rebuild her life, or move on. 

Continue the journey with the inhabitants of Wellsford and Wilde Grove as they venture down the ancient path and strive to bring their lives and community into harmony.

Because the world must be sung into balance and wild magic must be tapped into to keep the wheel turning.

Wild magic has many secrets – and many gifts, for those who would learn its ways.

The Singing is the fourth book in the Wilde Grove series, following on from The Rising.

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Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook available