Wilde Grove Series: selena wilde

Golden Heart

Book 3

(493 pages, 120 000 words approx)

A new wind is blowing.

Selena makes the decision to take Rue to Wilde Grove, to get to the heart of her dreaming, for it is certain that Rue has lived before as a priestess of Wilde Grove. But what is the lesson Rue needs to learn?

With Morghan giving Rue a crash course in walking between the worlds, the story behind Rue’s dreaming cannot remain a mystery for long. She will walk the same paths she did long ago, in another skin, and find out exactly what Bryn, one of the first priestesses of the Forest Grove wants from her.

Back in New Zealand, a loss is suffered, and a shock, one that brings Selena straight back home, for someone is screaming out to Clover from the spirit world for help that the child is too young and frightened to give.


Golden Heart is the third book in the second Wilde Grove series.

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