Wilde Grove Series: selena wilde

The OtherWorld

Book 2

(493 pages, 120 000 words approx)

World to world to world.

Selena must face the task of being where she is, of finding her path in the country that is her new home. But now that Rue and Clover are safe, what exactly is her purpose? She is used to walking the worlds, but has never before stepped foot in this one. Also, she’s preoccupied with a particular house just up the hill that calls to her on her walks and in her dreams.

She has no idea who lives there, or what it may mean.

Rue is navigating her new life as well. She’s back at school, when what she really wants is to train as a priestess, just like Selena. Surely Clover can’t be the only one suited to learning magic?

Rue, Clover, Tara, Damien, and Dandy are all discovering that life with Selena means embracing a deeper way of living altogether.


The Otherworld is the second book in the second Wilde Grove series.

US$6.99 (eBook)