Wilde Grove Series

The North Star

Book V

(582 pages, 140 000 words approx)

The light of the beacons must be lit. The Season of Strife is upon us.

In Wilde Grove, Morghan knows that things must change to meet the challenges laid down by the Goddess and the Queen of the Fae. The threats to the earth, with war and climate change, are such that they now reverberate through all the worlds and are stirring more than the inhabitants of Wellsford and their allies to action.

For Erin, this comes at a personal cost, when everything that she thought about herself is challenged in one damning incident.

Lines must be drawn; forces must be opposed. The ancient priestesses of the Grove are stirring once more, coming together to stand with their modern counterparts, if they are strong enough. If dissention can be overcome.

If they can put aside past prejudices.

For so the Wheel turns, so must all the worlds be protected, and the light of the beacons needs to shine brighter than ever.

The North Star is the fifth book in the Wilde Grove series, following on from The Singing.

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