Wilde Grove Series

The Gathering

Book I

(550 pages, 143 000 words approx)

The veil between the worlds is shredding. The old goddesses are calling. 

Erin inherits a cottage in a remote village from a grandmother she’s never met. Considering how much she longs to get away from the unexciting life stretching out in front of her, this might be a dream come true.

Except that it’s a village full of witches and Druids practising an ancient religion passed down through the centuries, and the priestess leading it is the calm, uncanny death worker Morghan Wilde.

Life is different in Wilde Grove, with ownership of the cottage coming with a non-negotiable condition, and it’s one Erin’s not sure she can meet, or even if she should. She must choose to believe in the unbelievable – and then learn how to do magic too. Only then will she be able to claim her inheritance.

It’s an inheritance that is so much more than a cottage in the woods.


Coming from a world that doesn’t believe in magic, can she change her mind in time to claim her true identity and begin walking the path of her ancient ancestors?


The Gathering is the first book in Katherine Genet’s Wilde Grove mythic fiction series. If you like mythology, real-life witchcraft, and have ever wondered what’s behind the veil to the Otherworld, you’ll love the Wilde Grove books.

Step into a world of magic today!

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