Step into a world of magic, witchcraft, faerie, and Druids.

The veil between the worlds is shredding. 

The ancient gods are calling. 


  There is more than the one world. 


What if…

Magic is real?

What if…

The Fae are real?

What if…

You were tasked with following the ancient path into the Wildwood, into the Otherworld?

Would you go? Would you believe?

What if you had a month to decide to answer the call of the ancient gods and be part of THE GATHERING? 


The Gathering is the first book in Katherine Genet’s new Wilde Grove mythic fiction series. If you like mythology, magic, and spirituality, and have ever wondered what’s behind the veil to the Otherworld, you’ll love the Wilde Grove books.

There are nine books in the Wilde Grove and spinoff series, with more coming, so begin this popular and magical series today – you might just find inspiration on your own path to deepen your connection with spirit and the world. 

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Praise for Wilde Grove

I have never felt so drawn to spiritual teachings, paganism, Druids, witches, Earth wisdom as I am right now. Almost finished and already want to read it again, more slowly, and copy phrases and sections to pin on my wall.

My kind of book, beautiful, well written, more trueth than most know, will get the whole series and just indulge myself, if you’re a bit of a pagan this is for you.


I was totally blown away. Her writing is brilliant, such a deep pleasure to read. The pictures she paints of people and places are unforgettable, I perhaps have never read an author who is so good at drawing you into the play.

Val A.

This was a book I could not put down. I love the intricacy of the characters and the stories behind them. From druids to magic, what more could I have asked for. 

Chris M.

From the author

From the author

Hi everyone – I’m Katherine Genet, and I’ve been writing for almost ten years now, in a range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, and under a few pennames.

I’m a pagan, polytheist spirit worker, and with the Wilde Grove series, I’m following that old writer’s advice of ‘write what you know’.

Welcome to my world of goddesses, gods, spirits, witches and Druids, and reach out with me to learn the ancient practices of our ancestors. Who knows what adventures we’ll have along the way…

Welcome to Wilde Grove.